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Carbon Trading and Offsetting- We are leaders in developing Carbon Offset and Trading Projects with an aim of generating carbon credits for sale in the Voluntary markets and Regulatory Compliance Markets for clients in Africa, Asia, Europe and the America’s. This is through establishing community based projects in Africa, with an aim of promoting community development, better livelihoods and good environment and health practice, by implementing projects around clean energy, afforestation, waste management and water management

Environmental Impact Assessments- We are primed as leaders in Africa in undertaking Environmental Impact Assessments with an aim of examining projects possible effects on the environments, and advice on methods to mitigate against these effects.

Environmental Audits- We are experts in undertaking Environmental Audits for existing projects by organizations, companies and government, with an aim of advising on their environmental compliance, and mitigation measures to be undertaken.

Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Policy Formulation and Training- We support our clients design health and safety policies and plans for their companies, including training staff on health and safety measures

Environmental Enterprise Set-up- We develop projects and mentor individuals, groups and organizations that make use of environmentally generated raw materials, that are sustainably harvested, or those that will positively impact on the environment and mitigate climate change

Enterprise (MSME) Training- We train CBO’s, NGO’s, Companies and International Organizations in methodologies of SME’s that impact positively to the Environment

Environmental consultancy- In addition to EIA and Audit, CREEK undertakes a wide range of consultancy for other organizations such as assessment studies, baseline surveys, socioeconomic analysis, project management, environmental impact assessment and audits, feasibility studies, mid-term evaluations, final evaluations, valuation, research and training.

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