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Carbon Managenment

We help manage your carbon impact!

Carbon management is the process of reducing your carbon impact in the most cost-effective way, aiming towards becoming a carbon neutral business The starting point is a carbon footprint assessment to highlight the activities that Creek-Kenyate the most emissions. We will then work with your team to develop a commercially-focused and results driven carbon reduction strategy to help plan what action you can take to reduce your carbon footprint.

While you are putting your business carbon reduction plan in place, we offer a portfolio of top-quality, certified carbon offsets so you can balance your outstanding impact and achieve carbon neutrality. Our projects have been specially selected to deliver real benefits to our project partners in developing countries.

Once you have put a carbon management plan in place, we want to help you shout about it! We will work with you to inform, educate and inspire your staff and customers and other stakeholders by communicating your environmental commitment and achievements.

Finally, if you need to comply with legislation such as the UK government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency scheme, or if you wish to gain certification with the Carbon Trust Standard, we’ll take you through the process to minimise your risk and maximise the opportunities for competitive advantage.

 Measuring your carbon footprint is the first step to managing it

A Business Carbon Footprint assessment measures the carbon emissions generated by your business. By helping you to identify what data to collect, and converting that data into information you can use, it forms the basis of a plan of action to reduce your carbon impact.

Creek-Kenya is different from many of our competitors in that we tailor the footprint specifically to your business, so that the data collected is relevant to your product and services. We also ensure your carbon footprint report is presented so that you can communicate the results to management, staff and your customers - is not just a meaningless list of numbers!

High quality carbon offsets supporting developing country projects

We have a portfolio of exciting carbon offset projects for you to choose from. Our focus is on high quality offsets from clean technology, renewable energy and forestry projects in developing countries that contribute positively to their communities.

Purchasing carbon offset credits allows you to balance your emissions while you implement your longer-term emission reduction plans.

All our carbon offsets are certified to the highest standards through certification with either the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS, previously Voluntary Carbon Standard) or Gold Standard. We can also source credits for our clients under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

 Achieving Carbon Neutrality

Creek-Kenya can advise you how your business or product can become carbon neutral. Either by applying our ICROA approach to measurement, reductions and offsetting, or by helping you to achieve the brand new PAS 2060 standard for Carbon Neutrality (developed by the British Standards Institution) we can help you gain that competitive edge.


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