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Env. Health & Safety Policy Formulation


Promote effective safe working procedures

1 What is a health and safety policy?

A health and safety policy is a method of action that influences and guides actions that promote effective safe working procedures, occupational hygiene and safety training. It addresses the types of hazards associated with the workplace; it discusses the active and on-going participation of employees. It needs to be amended from time to time to keep pace with the changes occurring at the workplace.

2 What is the goal of a health and safety policy?
A written health and safety policy helps promote an effective Occupational, Health and Safety program. It strengthens senior management’s commitment to the health and safety of the workplace and the integration of health and safety into all workplace activities. e.g. It helps to have fewer injuries and illnesses in the workplace, to allocate resources towards health and safety, to know who is responsible for health and safety in the workplace.
3 What does a health and safety policy look for?

-Senior management's commitment to the establishment of a healthy and safe workplace and the integration of health and safety into all workplace activities,
-The treatment of basic safety and health legislation as a minimum standard rather than maximum,
-Responsibility of all personnel in maintaining a safe workplace,
-Accountability of all levels of management in carrying out health and safety responsibilities,
-Consultation and co-operation between management and employees for effective implementation of the policy
-Commitment to regular reviews of the policy and monitoring its effectiveness, and
-Commitment to provide adequate funds and details of how money will be available to manage health and safety.

Ways in which the H & S policy and responsibilities can be communicated include:
• Induction training,
• Policy and procedure manuals,
• Joint health and safety committees,
• Job descriptions,
• Notice board notices and reminders,
• Safety talks and meetings,
• Senior management attendance at safety meetings, and
• Demonstration of senior management commitment through effective response and review to committee recommendation inspection reports, accident investigations, and health and safety program evaluations.



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